All of the light in the world
Could not drown the darkness that exists
And your soul is tattered and broken
But I will look into it and see only light
And I will make a landing strip inside of you
I will sail latterns from your bones
And I will light my torch from the warmth of your skin
Because the darkness cannot outshine your light

You're made of the finest silks
That were woven in the brightest spans of worlds we have yet to know
Your heart was melted from a metal stronger than man
You can carry your shoulders back
You can walk through a fire and avoid the burn

I want you to see the light that I see when I look at you
And I want you to know that you are so much more than what you feel
And maybe now you see only a monster
But when you are looked at from above they see only an angel
And that you feel broken inside
But you are really just looking for the other piece of you
So don't give up your hope
Because your light is blinding
And that's all I see when I look at you

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