Like A Bird

Like a bird
> Standing on the ledge
> Letting life pass you by
> Feeling so in charge
> How would they feel if I died
> Things cross your mind
> Even things that shouldn't
> Things you would do
> And things you know you wouldn't
> I feel the power and the urge
> To just let myself go
> And fly like a bird
> How would they feel
> What would they say
> If I just up and went away
> It's so easy to just step off
> Leave everything behind
> Just forget
> Break the ties that bind
> Love is powerful
> We are just blind
> Even when true love
> Stares deep into your eyes
> Don't give up
> Is what I always heard
> But when I'm on this ledge
> It's just so easy to fly like a bird
> Spread my wings
> Take that leap
> And pray if I fail
> The water is deep
> Fail is a word
> I know all too well
> I've done it my whole life
> Destined for he'll
> So I stand here
> Gazing into the horizon
> Starring hard
> Trying to find who I am
> I inch forward
> With every criticism and scold
> All I feel is the wind so cold
> Will I drop
> Will I fly
> Will I fail
> Will I die
> Most days I don't know which is better
> So I sit here writing this letter
> And with every letter and every word
> I still wonder could I fly like a bird

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