Like Never Before

By Reverie   

What is this feeling
That's running through my soul?
It's quite different, much new
Like never before.

It makes my heart a-thump
And takes sadness to slumber
Whether it is love or joy
It is not far yonder.

It causes much endorphins
To run throughout my being
And though it does quite confuse
Towards hope I am a-leaning.

It is such a strange feeling
What a strange yet great sensation!
It's like nothing evoked by books
Or found in my imagination.

I just know that once it reaches
My heart, my soul, my mind
The conclusion becomes clear to me
There's nothing of known kind.

To think that there's any better
Is like a law that is to be broken
To realize that there is no greater
Leaves the idea quickly forsaken.

The funny thing is that
This feeling is never for sure
That each time is quite different
And like never before

It only arrives upon your arrival
Every time my eyes land on you
It leaves me open and vulnerable
Leaving for me nothing to do.

My cheeks redden my heart stops
My breaths shorten and come faster
To think that right there stands
That person, my heart's master.

And before I know it, there it is
The "Like Never Before".
The "Never Same", The "Always New"
Comes flooding through Emotion's doors.

All that is written here
Is strictly factual
And though it might sound fake
All skepticism's void and null

Because though it is uncontrollable
It is definitely worth to be lived
And if it is to be pushed away
The soul's unlikely to forgive.

This marvelous sentiment
Is much more than it seems
It's not a mere quickening heart
It holds the keys to love: the keys!

Each and every time the tide
Arises, it makes you want more
And though it might generally feel the same
It is truly Like Never Before.

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What more is there to say? The poem says it all. ~ Reverie