Like Saplings Growing

Like saplings growing in the forest.
Our love grows new each day
Instead of time growing our love even less
It grows in new depths in every way

Like breezes blow leaves off of a tree
Love’s crises sometimes shed old feelings
But like Springtime, our lives can also see
New experiences that leave us reeling

Depression, fibro, and broken legs get us down
But despite our troubles, we make it through it all
With your face hardly ever wearing a frown
You lift me up even when I’m feeling small

After sixteen years of being together, you’d think we’d get tired
But my love for you never finds an end
When we said “I do” those vows never expired
In you, I’ve got a lover and a best friend

Thank you, my love, for always loving me
Past the struggles and strifes of daily life
I know that you will always love me
And I’ll always be your loving wife

As we go through hard times together
Even when things seem too disjointed
We can make it through the toughest weather
And long as there’s us, we’ll never be disappointed

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