Like sisters you said

Loving you hurt
The way you changed night to day
The lies you told me were so insane, but i believed them, not because i was naive but because i trusted you
I trusted you more than I thought
Like lily trusted miley
Like a sister trusts a sister
Did i ever truly know you?
I ask myself daily because that question haunts me
I have questions
Will they ever be answered?
Did you ever mean what you said?
Was everything a lie?
Did you love me?
People that love you don't hurt you this bad
Was it that easy to fool me
How sad
Texting me daily night and day
Saying I should be better
Cause you thought i was bad
Yeah, that was a lie
A lie because i wanted to be protected
Turns out you were the liar all along
Living a double life
Smoking weed and ciggars
Sneaking out every night
Drinking and parting
But I?
I believed you
I believed you when you said you were in choir
When you said you had an event
When you said you loved me
And that was my biggest mistake
Yeah loving you hurt
But not like you think
I broke myself before you could ever break me.

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