Like The Snow

Pearls of white dance at the whim of the wind
The performance fleeting with beauty everlasting
As the moment I gaze into your eyes
Dark against the snowfall
While searching into my soul that is
Delicate like the snow

Balanced are my home's walls of mainly blue,
After meeting you
Warm hues now fill my home
And paint my cheeks rouge
That are abhorred by me, but adored by you
As you caress them with a touch that is
Delicate like the snow

It is not the amount of words you give me
That hold me in your trance
The weight and gravity of them make my heart dance
Because you know how to uplift me
When I am feeling
Delicate like the snow

My snow angel lays alone no longer
As I lay back and fall with you beside me
I know I will no longer be
Delicate like the snow

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