Like the wind

like the wind you came

grew up not knowing that there's a piece of you hidden at every corner
a silence played over your last breath
with them standing at the foot of your body
the trees kept growing without you
at some point they were taken down
just like that bird house you built
just like the family you put together
and I kept growing
without you
they took you out stepping on dirt spelling jealousy right at the gate
the whole world came out to see
and for 18 years it felt like everybody knew but me

rooftops in the big city hold your name between their bricks
your shadow imprinted where you last stood
I am a living proof of your existence here
the last thing you left behind
your stone is nowhere to be kissed and visited
send me a postcard with your best wishes
know I am here and that you're not forgotten
and maybe one day I will come to visit
maybe one day your brother will fill the hours with stories of you
maybe one day she will tell me how sorry she is
but for now
know you're in my heart
and please keep me in your still one

like the wind you left

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