Li[ke Wildfire

Like Wildfire

Like wildfire… we raced across young and spry
Yesterday was gone tomorrow never came
We lived for the day the mere flash of an eye
Hours were seconds days were all the same

We gazed at each other in a frenzied blur
We cared not for others that weren’t our kind
Seeking shelter from the tempests yet to stir
We masked our senses in a euphoric bind

Alone… not alone… and alone once more
Pushed and pulled apart split by the crowd
Years floated by dead or alive not really sure
Thoughts of each fade …rekindle then waned

The in between moments we lived distant yet near
In a universal flash a happening feigned
The modern world rekindled a friendship so dear
Of the good and the bad..the memories remain

Together yet apart we find our paths did cross
To be tethered once again with strength un-measured
Remembering…reflecting…we seek what was lost
Rejoicing in each other’s happiness and pleasure

Sorrow do we feel for each other’s pain and despair
Yesterday yet to come tomorrow will soon be here
Time will heal the wounds that we have to share
Patience surely will bond the distance we did bear

Now back together again… forever we will keep
Our happiness abounds we reap our reward
Moving forever ahead onward we leap
Content in the know our lives securely moored

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