The temple within me

I gasp, within, to see eyes,
gawk at me,
as if goading me, to broach, the brook of letters,
that flow like blood within me.
How defiant I feel, to tell,
a soulless world, what the soul means to me.
So buoyant, their strong ships sail,
over sparkling blue sunny seas.
So effortless, for them, to throw an anchor,
when they feel like a fishnet around me.
They laugh, they smile,
so complete, my seclusion seems.
How do I acquaint them, with the solace of words,
that exist like a temple, within me.
As so swiftly, their shadows,
go ahead of me.
I bid adieu, to the buoyant ships, as they sail towards shores,
where the sun shines, like gold, for all but me.

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