Lily Bleak

The days are running darker, and the nights are cold
Sweet Lily has been swept by death, at sixteen years old
The boy that she loved was not at all what she thought
Genth poisoned Lily, by breaking her heart
He was a quite nice boy, so it seemed
Until her shattered dear Lily's dreams
Genth wined her, he dined, he swept innocent Lily off her feet
With the warm, sweet kisses he planted on her cheek
But all the while, Genth knew what he was planning to do
He figured Lily would never realize the truth in his schemes
One night when it was cold, and no one was around
Genth decided to rape dear Lily, on their trip out of town
It started off with a kiss; Lily wasn't expecting this
Before she knew it, Lily awoke in a ditch
Buried alive, Lily still walks the streets
Waning and whimpering, for her spirit to be set free
And so goes the story of Lily Bleak

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