Limbic System Production

If you could open the top of my cranium,
deep inside my eyes are like projector lenses
An upside down image of an angelic face,
on my left you should see all of my memory slides
Second to last shelf in alphabetical order lies
the short films of my daydreams
On my brain pod there should be trailers of
scenarios and wonders of her tendencies
On my right hangs a detailed mental picture of
her body and head shots
Vague snap chats of her poses,
along with priceless smiles in my memory vine
In the back of my mind lies an idea of a new memory,
but I just want her as my co-star
Then this could be my big memory picture
with previews of getting to hold her
Commercials of me being spontaneous,
episodes of us solving problems together
Special features of me surprising her for different holidays,
extras of us engaging in badinage
That's the end of the thought process,
if you would leave in a timely manner, I would appreciate it
I have food for thought being prepared as I think
These thoughts from the memory were brought
to you by Limbic System Production
A special thanks to a significant physical presence.

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