Limerence of kalon

I tore the pages from the family book,
that says that love is to waste.
Hands tremble at every step I took,
to all tenderness wanting could taste.

Night comes as it often goes,
It breaks along routine.
But when her sun hammers its glow,
it trails the edge of pristine.

She catches me without a voice,
She caught my eyes half-starved.
She held me captive without choice,
with lips intent to devour.

Now all the walls have crumbled,
She entered through every seam.
Floors fallen into light I tumble,
where hope was in between.

She latches on to every cloud,
Self-potraits along my sky.
It is a world given to the proud,
A world where I could die.

I kiss her once, she kissed me twice
She enters countless dreams.
She enters when the world was nice,
and love was in between.

And now that the world has grown,
somewhere I was lost.
For every feeling that I was shown,
had come at such a cost.

Oh how I long to chase those years,
I'd hunt with every breath.
To chase away forgotten fears,
and hunt for what was left.

I find myself in a room of black,
tangled in a lack of serene.
Fingers frantic to trace back,
where hope was in between.

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