To wonder about one's worth often; is discomforting
No need to reflect unless it is on your progress
Then you are learning
Even the best of the best make mistakes and have regrets
That is how to grow as a person and as an individual
To find your purpose and to gain a visual
Perspective on your future direction
To where you desire to go
And as your fire grows,
To heights of a legend
You ignite your passion and propels you to go further
Any idea of greatness must be nurtured
Being Positive can attract the negative
It is important to remember that failure is tentative

Confidence will double
Someone without, may as well tumble; may as well crumble
Under the pressure of problems; pressure of life
Pressure of Self-doubts, pressure to thrive
Don't get blinded by what might be
Don't be burdened from what's likely
Believe to be the character that you were crafted to become
Don't befall to petty emotions harden your core, make it numb
The key to success is your emotions
It is imperative that they remain maintained and in focus
Don't allow yourself to be controlled
Because then that will set limits
Don't Falter from boundaries & excuses, be bold
You don't stop until you finish

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