Do you ever wish
That for one day, your life would be a music video
That when you walk by, people would smile at you
Or dance and sing with you
To treasure one moment in time, when everything was planned
And never-ending
And if my mind was filled with colors and hallucinations
Would I be mad or genius?
Would I be a mistake
Or something worth moving mountains?
What if I was naive and young
And I wished for the world of friends
Endless love
And adventure?
Would it be wrong to dream?
Would I be rejecting reality
Or daring to stand?
How do you know when you're chasing paper
Or if there's a light at the end?
Maybe you make the world and what's real
Maybe people are scared to be young
And maybe we're more alike than we know
I believe in humanity
And maybe in a perfect world, someday
We'll all have our own music video

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