"The sky's the limit,"
I hate that phrase.
I hate it.
It means nothing to me;
It makes me feel small.

The sky is the limit in an infinite amount of space,
So why do I need to be confined to such an insignificant speck?
I know the intention,
But I sure don't like it.

John, James, and Neil-
Do you think they ever thought the sky was the limit?
I don't;
Limits cannot be placed on accomplishments, creativity, life.

The sky's the limit.
It has the word limit in it!
Don't tell me you don't think it's limiting-
Because, believe it or not, it is.

It reminds us that we're stuck,
It reminds us that we're insignificant,
It reminds us that we're alone,
It reminds us that we're in a fish bowl, bobbing in and endless ocean...

And I don't like limits.

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