Lingering Rose

I never knew of the impact of a fallen rose petal would have,
Through rain it glistened,
Through snow it warmed the senses,
Through pain it grew,
Through joy it had a glow
I admire that rose even with all of its thorns
I felt a petal fall once more,
Why does it easily come apart?
I pray for that rose to never wilt, never change its beauty
I visit the rose in my dreams,
it gives me hope I never thought I'd see
I thank that rose for I see it even grew through the concrete street
If I could visit that rose through this crazy busy life,
I'd water it with gentle tears,
Give it life to grow alongside my heart,
Give it pleasure of feeling my warmth as sunshine,
Give it peace though surrounded by thorns
I admire the strength of that rose,
It never gave up, it never wilted,
It grew and in return a new rose grew into a beauty no eyes can see.

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