Lingering Shadow

A terrible disease called COVID-19
Has ruined nearly everyone’s life
It spread throughout in 2020’s spring
It’s cut into the world like a knife

Back when it started, not many were worried
Now we’re all stuck in a mask
The COVID vaccine was very hurried
And getting it is a difficult task

The virus has almost met its end
We’ll all have the vaccine by July
Although shots are not my friend
I’m more than ready to say goodbye

I’ll welcome back my mask-free face
Taking trips without the COVID shadow
Seeing family and friends without worrying about space
But deep down inside me I know

Things will never be the same
COVID will always be here
Years from the day it first came
Its name will always inspire fear

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This Poems Story

This is one of the first poems I wrote, and while it’s not the best, I feel that it is an accurate representation of the damage coronavirus has done to our everyday lives.