Lingering Waves

You're water through my fingertips.
Locked lips. I struggle to keep you
pooled as you seep away daily.
Drip away, temptation. I won't allow
those oceanic eyes to hover over my sinking soul.
You are irreversibly wanted.
Make it harder for me to enjoy you...
Expose your skeletons then throw me around
the deck so I can hate a minuscule piece of you.
Call me a whore and mock my friends.
Inspire resentment so you're slightly less desirable.
I stand undeserving of another significant other
as my ocean crawls with parasitic exes. Still,
our "understanding" rocks my boat.
I'm over these games of attraction.
Your intentions swim around in your actions.
Untie my knotted net and liberate me from this lust-filled limbo.
Beards offer me beers, muscles push my carts,
but it is solely you who has caught me. Reel me in.
I would sin to have your lungs play drums on my naked back.
Remove this hook embedded in my cheek.
My floating soul is weak and seeks your company.
An abundance of nautically naughty creatures swarm and none
produce that insidious warmth which spreads from tail to fin.
Latch on, stay with me under the lingering waves of the sea.

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