I'm only as strong as the weakest link
And since I'm top link
I am on the brink
Of letting go
Tired of holding everyone up
This chain
Is weighing me down
We all are going to fall together
We all are going down together
We all are going to hit hard together
When at the bottom
Let's regroup
When at the bottom
We can only go up
We can break through
Change levels
We can make breakthroughs
I am not the team
We are the team
It's about time
We get on the same page
And start writing a different story
I am getting tired of this Groundhogs Day
If I wanted the same thing every day
I would have froze myself
And let it be
For eternity
I would of left the world on my shoulders
And continued to rep it religiously
We are going to go through change
Do not be afraid
We will become more
It was all in our imagination
All along
What's the point of staying low
If you are always thinking higher
Why do you think I let go in the first place
I'm trying to make the blind see
We try to improve our lives daily
We will use our wisdom
We will integrate our ideas and our technology
We will embed it into our biology
This has different meanings to different people
That is good
We are a divergent society
I could go on
I know time runs infinitely
Well at least into timelessness
Or nothingness
And I'll let you explain
The difference to me
Tangents aside
To stay convergent
Follow me
If you want to know
What is inside my head
On Twitter
Or elsewhere
The Time Traveler

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