Empty rooms and a lonely thought,
Reviving bad memories and the sadness brought,
So much loss with only knowledge gained,
Hurt but not broken my heart simply stained,
Resisting the urge to rebuild loves guard,
Allowing vulnerability to be seen is hard,
I'd rather hurt than not feel love at all,
That euphoric feeling is worth the fall,
If only the good outweighed the bad,
Cherished moments spent secretly mad,
Countless tears I unwillingly shed,
Repetitively killing negative thoughts in my head,
Realising the truth I no longer know,
Questioning things wont help love grow,
Changing who I am tore us apart,
His amazingness owned my heart,
Without him near I barely feel whole,
I know what it feels like losing part of your soul,
For him id fall all over again every day,
I truly love him unconditionally in every way.

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