Liquid Vibrations


Tongues dripping with the mere impossibilities
of psychedelic thoughts
What if theres no such things as outside the box
Because Jaime told Jack that Jill screwed Bill
Staring at walls keep my multiple realities
standing still
In-between the cracks of broken sensation
Lie colors only the rain can recognize
And I'll tell you right now
The rain is keen on keeping his secrets
They're locked in magical boxes
Decorated with hues of black rainbows
Stripped naked of everything that meant anything
Left for dead
Slumped across the floor because there is no
such thing as a bed
They'll chop off your hands so you're forced
to leave that poor woman in a puddle of
her own sweet deep red
and in the midst
My eyeballs pop out of their sockets to reveal
sensations of liquid vibrations
Melting, pouring, reaching for you

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