I listen to the sounds all around me.
I hear the crickets chirping in the grass
I hear the wind rustle the leaves outside my window
I hear the birds fall asleep as their chirping stops
I hear the occasional cat yowl in the distance
I hear everything, just as I hear the noise die down as twilight comes and fades
I hear the silence, heavy and thick so that not even the wind dares to stir
I hear the night pass and feel the first rays of sun reach above the horizon
I hear the bees begin to buzz, starting their daily tune
I hear the first bird song as it wakes up its family
I hear the day start and suddenly realize
I listen to all of these sounds, yet I take no part in them, but with good reason
Listen... Can you hear it?
The pulsing beat
The strange sound echoing in your ears
And yet it is innate and completely instinctive
As if you were born hearing the sound tremble through the earth
Like the beating heart of nature
Can you hear it?
For it is the resonating sound of life

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