Listen, my Child

My child, let me tell you
One thing and one thing, alone
Keep it in your heart
Believe it with your soul.
Your first cry, echoed
The first word you spoke
'Ma' -
Little did you know its imperative
The strength it had
The cost it bears to raise you up
Your mother, your country
Should be synonymous.
You are fortunate to be born
In a land filled with aspirations
Rich in culture and heritage
You will experience the convergence
Of beliefs and faiths
You will be a witness
Of revolutions and disruptions
Be a part, be proud of who you are
Hold your head, high and stand, firm
After all, you are an Indian
Your nation has been the confluence
Of war and peace alike
We have fought and lost a thousand time
But we kept on, going;
We have learnt from our mistakes
And, we are still learning
If you learn along with us
I'm sure, BHARAT will be fine
Look beyond the dividing lines
Give them a piece of your mind
As long as, you don't yield to prejudice
Know, our country will be ALRIGHT.
March forward, without fear
The nation will march with you
Do the right, see the truth
And victory shall be yours.

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