Listen to the Words Not Spoken

The discord pierces the heartstrings of a child
Stabbing it without empathy.
The child bleeds perilous agony
And shrilly screams, blistering the vocal chord.

The shell of the child's body begins to decay.
The purple bruises reveal hollowed holes,
Desperately begging for love.
The emptiness emanates a dire ghastly fate
And the darkness-void-hellishly laughs victoriously.

And is this how life is meant to be enjoyed?
Is it all right for a child crying deeply
In their slumber to be ignored?
Abhorrent these harbingers of life are!
Who dare to not cherish this innocence as a miracle
But to instead raise hell and drag Heaven down
As the apprisers of doom
And shackle the child's adolescence
To ivory and glass-cut needles
Only to frailly limp through life
Crumbling piece of peace
Until those cries are finally heard
When on the local news.

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