Listened Too Late

I can pretend I wasn't clear
but saying the same thing year after year
how could you not know
you really couldn't hear
exactly what I needed
how could you not see the pain
behind the things I even pleaded
like a case in court that goes array
all of the rights in front of the wrongs
but the jury so blind and still led astray
and now he wants to change
and now he wants to care
and I have been down so long
try again I wouldn't dare
you see when we check out we're gone for good
will hold you for life but you let us drown
I don't care anymore what could have should
so don't say now what was supposed to be said
don't ask about the stories you should have been read
don't tell me you will love me better
better was a million yesterdays that tomorrow won't see
better was all those places my heart didn't get to be
better was the moment I decided to move on
better is no longer will my life wait
and you can't be mad because you listened too late

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