Literary Utopia

Hearty welcome to my imaginary world...
Now we have brain connections to my imagination.
Did you hear that pleasant lyrical ballads?
It is the laughing colors of my people.
The ode in myimpossible addressed to its imagination.
Pair of oxymorons combine to form new alliterations.
Onomatopoeia is the words of my Utopia,
They resemble what they say.
My euphemistic people are talented in their metaplasm
They never let any of my natives to be a lone wolf.
In my native no family remains asyndeton
Whereas everyone lives happily as polysyndeton.
Did you think that it is completely andynaton?
Well that is a rhetorical question to which,
My answer will be a antanagoge, that
My world is total antiphrasis to yours.

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