Literature is the core of life
Which empowers the church with grace
I'll not bring in guilt with might
Or lie for what I cannot face
Literature is the core of life
The foundation of the church today
And the birth of earth cannot deny
The momentum of its days
The state of love should never die
The church will glow at its engraves
This ponders me more and more
Like a willed force in the waves
Why the days and why the nights?
Why more pardons from our God?
And by what value of your faith?
And why the church is still as pure?
Why such love and why such praise?
Why the judgement of your faults?
How will your lovely terrors pay?
A loving soul who is at loss
We're the primates of the earth
And such great doubts are not our way
To such observant eyes of light
Will never be judged again
Literature is the core of life
Which endows the church with grace
When our state of what is right
Ultimately reveals the Father's gata
When the books are what we pour
In applause mile of our faith
When the church untimely falls
To the lofty distress of our ways
When the priest are not of laws
And priceless souls has fade
When the church has words explore
Like lofty talents in a blaze
Our loving Faith is not at loss.

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The impact of literature to the church and to life.