Little Angel

An angel falls and cries,
His lonely world about to die.
His tears are falling from the skies,
Falling like rain from his cornflower eyes.
Hopes and dreams go flashing by,
All he can do is sit and cry.
The wings that once had helped him fly,
Are torn and ripped, and soon will die.
His harpoon strings have come unwound,
And now strum the most awful sound,
His golden halo came crashing down,
Losing it's magic when it hit the ground,
He tried to breathe, and not to cry,
Lifting his wings, they refused to fly.
Tired and confused he wondered why,
And asked the stars if he would die.
At first it was silent, and then they began to speak,
"Little Angel, you are so unique,
But yet you have grown so weak
Come, we will help you to your feet"
"Dearest Little Angel,"I heard them say,
"For when the skies become dark and grey,
Like it has for you today-
You need only to look up and pray."

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