Little Angel

She hears thumping she hears screaming,
She knows he's coming she tries not to cry out,
Her arms are throbbing all black and blue,
The door slams the house shakes,

He finds her and yanks her arms,
A small cry escapes her lips,
She feels his fist connect with her face,
Daddy I'm sorry I'll be good she cries,

Worthless, dumb, never good enough, not wanted,
His words ring in her ears,
Bruises black and blue all over,
Will this ever end she silently wonders,

She smells the booze on his breath
What did I do she asks herself,
Punch after punch kick after kick,
She feels all her determination slip away,

Why am I fighting to live through this,
Can't I just give up helps not coming,
She finds herself die a little more,
I know there's no end she says as she gives in,

Mommy doesn't care anymore,
My sissy's been gone for a long time,
I want to be with sissy she cries,
She knows he will make it happen,

My hair's no longer blonde it's matted and red,
I close my big blue eyes as his hits come more and more,
In case you're wondering my name is Katie,
And I was only seven when my daddy murdered me,

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