Little Angels

No one deserves to lose a child
The pain,the heartbreak,the loneliness that should never be

No one deserves to lose a child
The emptiness is to stay for a while but we still ask God (Why is it my child?)

Sleepless days and sleepless nights
Going insane (we just might)
No more small sweet voices...
No more adorable little laughs
How could this happen all in one night

Crying, screaming, and drinking yourself to death
Always wonder(Is it my child that just left
How could God allow this to happen?
We often wonder to ourself.

People say:Stay Strong People say:Keep faith,but how could we do that
When this is such a sad case

My child is gone,how could I keep strong
When my heart is really so torn
Hopefully one day we meet again Mommy's little angel, because Lord knows I am tired of this world full of sin.Its not easy when losing a child,so this pain is going to stay for a while.....................I know you are looking down on me I just hate that this is really how it has to be... I'll always remember you my sweet little angel...mommy just didn't know your life was in much danger.......we all say that God makes no Mistakes... I just wish it wasn't a little to child is gone,but yet I know I must go on...(somehow).... you don't get over something like losing a child you just get through it.... I'll always have a hole in my heart where you should be.... please just keep looking down on me.

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