Little Bug

It was a frosty day in the snow
The first white day of this year
My breath was hot against a temp so low
And only my breath I could hear

I walked down the path to the house of green
Where life was still glowing and thriving
The most precious thing to ever see
When outside, nothing’s surviving

The crunch of the snow was under my toes
As I swiftly approached the door
But at the time I didn’t know
I’d see something I had never before

The house of green had a foe
The plants were withered and bitten
A little bug, the size of my toe
In my hand he could easily fit in

How could you do this? I asked the bug
These plants are discolored and dead
He looked at me, evil and smug
His eyes were beady and red

A bug’s gotta eat, he said with a grin
Then he jumped right out of my hand
But so do we, me and my kin
Now the winter, we won’t withstand

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