Little Candle

A spark, a flame
Ready to light a candle
One simple candle
One white candle
Set on my windowsill.
It flickers and dances
It bounces and prances
In the dark.
The way it glows
It is bright
The only thing I see tonight
You remind me of him little candle
The boy I loved
He shone as bright as you are
And the sparkle in his eyes never dimmed.
He was taken from me
During the spring
When the cherry blossoms were in bloom
He told me he was afraid of being forgotten
So he asked me to never forget
Everything we had been through
I promised to remember him always
But I smiled
Because I knew that we would always be together
He smiled back
Candlelight illuminated his white shirt
It shone bright
Like the full moon in the night sky
Three words escaped his lips
And hung in the night air
"I love you."
I was so shocked I turned away
I don't know why
But I became very shy
And I could not reply
I wanted to tell him "I love you."
And that my heart was his
But I said nothing
He was hurt and said goodbye
He turned to go
He looked so low
I wanted to tell him "I love you."
He got into his car
And drove far
far away from me
Two headlights
Moving at twenty miles an hour
Another pair of headlights in the night
Going seventy miles and hour
the light was way too bright
Broken glass, broken name
Broken wheel and car door frame
Your soul flying high
I never even said goodbye
Why does it have to be this way?
Why didn't I even say your name?
I tried, I tried, I tried, I tried
But it was all in vain
I couldn't tell you how I felt
Until it was too late
Why didn't I tell you my secrets?
I wish I could change fate
I stare at that little candle
On my windowsill
The flame flickering bright
One short breath, a trail of smoke,
I will never love again.
Life is short, we cannot miss
Thank you little candle for teaching me this

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