Little girl

Little! Little! Girl!
Brought happiness to her father
By being his daughter .
Grew up with her grandmother
Completed her days with her .
Little! Little! Girl!
Doesn't know what the world holds
But knows what happens
When hundred turns into ninety nine !
Little! Little! Girl!
her life saver
Was actually a life killer.
Brought her flower even chocolates ,
Doesn't know how thorn hurts
Carving itself as a flower.
Doesn't know her hands were at nails ,
The panic feeling at the shower .
Wrecking! Breaking! Sadness!
But she was just a little girl!
Little! Little! Girl!
Covered all her pain ,
Doesn't mean she is afraid
But for a better future .
Little! Little! Girl!
Who is she ? Maybe you!

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