Little Girl

Dare I say little girl
You want to be grown little girl
You can't wait to grow up little girl
Your thirteen now
All your hear about is sex
You going in your room where nothing can be truly heard or seen
You stick a tampon in just to get the sensation of a
Penis inside one's body
Foolish little girl
You wear your older sisters clothing
You on the phone saying things you don't really understand,
Dabbling in things that was in your mothers command not to do
You don't listen or heed to your mothers warning
You say "She don't know this is a new generation."
When really life is a cycle it's just different rotation
Your sixteen now little girl
You have a boyfriend that you think loves you
But he just use you like shoelaces
Foolish little girl, now you're nineteen
With a child you still can't comprehend
Because you was a child when he first slid in.
You thought he loved you but he cheated on you
With another girl in his crew
You didn't know you was just another number in his little black book
Just another check off the list
But you're the one still walking around pist;your instigators
was the ones hoping you be another
Failure to your mother's reputation

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