Little Girl

Little girl I will protect you the best way I can
From the cruelties of the world, especially from a man
I will provide you with details to keep you well protected
You'll know firsthand which ones should be rejected
Open your door and give you flowers
I'm teaching you today so you'll expect it tomorrow
It's my responsibility to set the example
They'll have to come correct when they give you a sample
You'll know how to be treated, I'm laying the foundation
It won't be nice to have; it will be the expectation
You'll know to take care of you; get your education
Make sound decisions, maybe you can run a nation
Not trying to dictate your life, just want you to have the best
If I provide the mold, you can create the rest
I'll always be proud, in everything you do
Put you back on the bike, because I believe in you
Your innocence will be lost one day; I'll never be prepared
To see my little girl grow up, but I won't be scared
I'll give you the tools, you can't buy in the stores
No need for first aid, if we can prevent the sores
Maybe wishful thinking, it still will be my plan
To protect my little girl, because I believe that I can

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This Poems Story

Trevor J. Walker is a devoted father, veteran, and graduate of Jacksonville University. He grew up in Tampa, FL, and after years of keeping one of his passions unknown, he decided to share his gift with the world. His daughter was the inspiration for the poem "Little Girl."