Little Lights

During the day, that little light is unnoticeable, for it blends with the sun’s powerful rays.

At night, however, it begs for attention, a subtle glow amidst a poorly lit street.

Stop. Wait. Pause. Freeze. Let’s take a moment and think this one out.

For everyone ascribes meaning to something, and it’s all I can think about.

When saturated in sunlight, I typically find, that though pain and hurt fade away,

I am crushed by the by echoing aches of the world, by the ending of each day.

Why must darkness follow lightness, and why does sorrow follow joy?

And why are people so scared of the truth?

The truth is we bring nothing, we are nothing, we leave with nothing,

Only in this, is there solid proof.


This little light, that calls my attention,

The little light that shines through the dark,

Rescues the mind of the restless,

And mends the wounds of the heart.

No, it is not the light of God,

For this, is a tangible light.

A subtle symbol of simplicity

And an acceptance of each our own plight.

So forget your worst burdens, let them pass right on through,

And remember the small consistencies of life,

I’ll bear your cross and you can bear mine,

And together, we’ll shine our little lights.

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This Poems Story

So often we forget to notice the small consistencies, for they are the little lights that shine in the darkest parts of our experiences as humans. What is a small consistency, you ask? Well first and foremost…it is a concept I completely made up…but bear with me, I thinks it’s pretty damn good. I was recently sitting on my porch thinking, as I do so often, when I noticed I had been staring at a small light on the doorbell of my neighbor’s house across the street. I wondered how many times I had stared at that light while lost in my own thoughts. It was a source of great comfort for me, but at first, I struggled to understand why.  But, that small, orange light was a small consistency that had been grounding me each time I sat on that porch. It had been there through the questions, fear, doubt and grief. And while it did not take any of those things away, it did provide me some important insight into human nature. Now you are probably wondering how a small, random doorbell light could possibly provide insight into the complexity that is the human species. Well, through a beautiful metaphor, of course. Everybody has something to offer the world we live in. The world is a random and chaotic place where terrible things happen every second, and many people try their best to ignore it all and never leave their bubble. Some attribute it to the plan of a higher power. I reject both. Instead, I believe the world is simply a random place where bad things happen. But its not all bad, because while it is important to recognize that you are small, there is beauty in the human soul. For we all have our own unique little lights.  Enjoy this week’s poem “Little Lights.”