Little Pinched Faces

"Time will see this face replaced!"
by gushing sumps sucking lumps
through fleshy stumps
slipping and lactating
lick juice fingers dripping kisses
mere chance was lubricating...
yr promise drops through poisoned
shaftsto kiss away my fevers...
as the breaking spine
of a willing relapse
grinds under frozen levers my western eye
inflamed by high vicious birds
who churning curds in viscous
words show their shivering
"I once again stand alone!"
as the pulsing crones with
iced blue bones
no longer seek my favours...
"I once again stand alone!" n'all
yoo kinetic drones
with static tones...
"No longer seek my favours...
No longer seek my favours...
No longer seek my favours!"

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