Little Prison

The door slams shut
Clearly he's drunk again
She rolls on her side
Pretends to sleep
She knows the drill.
He comes into the room
Stumbling to walk
He sits on the bed and gets undressed
On his table sits the water she left
Just like every other night
He takes the pills and chugs the water
Then curls up on his side
She rolls over and kisses his cheek
Hoping tonight will be different
But as always he shrugs her away
Says its too hot to cuddle
Tells her to go to sleep
She's awake now
Drowning in her thoughts
By morning he'll act fine
Pretend he didn't hear her crying
She doesn't deserve this
She knows where he's been
Yet she still makes him dinner
And waits up in bed
Will she ever be strong enough to walk away
Or will in his little prison she stay

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