Little Red Man

She walks into the empty diner
Wind rushing past the slowly closing door
Here the man walks in
Pasted on his face a mischievous grin

They sit down to eat
Not long before
She sees what she has missed right before her
A tiny red man sat on his shoulder

He senses her immense fear
“Calm down my dear, don’t be scared”
Pasted on his face a mischievous grin
Blood is flaked on his chiseled chin

She steps away, back where she entered
The little red man holds in his hand a trident
The pale man’s teeth growing long
The woman realizing she doesn’t belong

The man is too fast, she is trapped
He inches closer, his mouth salivating
He dives in to her neck, she screams mightily high
And she arrives to the dead, wondering why

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