Little Rights

Don't decide for me, teach me how to make choices.

Don't tell me what to do, guide me!

Don't say I would fail, encourage me!

If you underestimate me, I will prevail!

You may be right! I am just a kid, but I am aware of what you did.

Don't push me around, respect me!

Ignorance is not an excuse to mistreat me.

I don't want to fear you,

I don't want to hate you,

You are all I know!

I just want to be loved.

You are an adult and I have no rights,

But you can teach me how to fly!

Take advantage of nature, don't take advantage of me.

I am just a child can't you see?

I don't want to close my ears to your words.

I don't have to survive in your world.

Soon the day will come when you will be old and I will mirror you.

And the words you say today could mean the world to me

Or they could mean nothing at all.

They could be the quill that writes the pages of my life.

Perhaps these words are as empty as your heart.

They have no reference and no meaning

Since you are too busy to see.

I demand you to notice and care for me.

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