Little Valentine

Good morning grumpy valentine,
No need to be a porcupine….
I’ll make you heart shaped pancakes dear,
And if that’s not enough to spread some cheer,

I’ll read to you from your favorite book,
Of the Magician’s Nephew that took a look
At different worlds in far of places,
To stretch our minds and put smiles on our faces.

And when it’s time to do your work,
Social studies, writing, math and art,
I may just lighten your heavy load,
By mixing in Mom’s secret code.

Perhaps a note tucked here or there,
That spells out clearly how much I care,
Or candy hearts for you to find
That say you are my Valentine.

But I promise you, no greater love could be found,
To the ends of the Earth and back around,
When you asked me, wouldn’t I be scared as well,
To take the plunge, down to that bottomless hell?

And with a smile on my face to hide my dread,
I took your helmet and placed it upon my head.
Because I told you that we must face our fears,
I sailed down the bowl, on your wheels!

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