Little white lies

They say the devil's in the details but the devil’s actually in those little white lines
Served wth a side of little white lies
That you tell yourself
Just this one time
I don't need to sleep tonight
Then it's 5 in the morning
The darkest hour is the dawn
As you’re awake you’re convinced
This is life now, it’s all wrong
Life will always be this now
It will always be wrong
Empty and hollow
You’re a shell of yourself
Swept away by the ocean
Drifting into nothingness
Smashing against the coast and
Gasping for air
But the struggle makes it even harder
Drowning sounds nice right about now
Give into the waves
Let them pull you below
To the low
Low depths of the sea
This is where I should be
I don’t deserve this life
This life for me
That I created with you
It isn’t enough to be
Here with you
Why isn’t it enough
To exist
The burden of the world weighs so heavy
The burden of your heart weighs so heavy
On my heart
Made of glass
Just one crack
And it collapses
And retreats into my gut
It won’t stop but it must
Is it worth it?
These few hours of high?
For what seems like a lifetime of low
Just close your eyes
The most restless rest you’ll ever get
It’ll all be fine in the morning
But it’s already morning
When will it be fine?
Fine in four
After each stage of grief:
Admit defeat
Convince it’s the last time
But no

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