Tried to drown myself once
not really sure why
maybe I sucked at life, maybe i wanted to die
maybe I was just selfish and wanted mama to cry
maybe I wanted my spirit to leave my body and fly
maybe I was crazy, but I know that I'm sane
maybe I was mad at the world and wanted someone to blame

maybe I liked the feeling
of water burning my nose
maybe my body was on fire
from mh head to my toes
maybe I wanted someone to notice
maybe it felt like a high
maybe I wanted my hollow body to have water inside

maybe I hated myself
maybe it wasn't a big deal
maybe all of my invisible scars would heal
maybe I didn't really want to end my life
maybe if I were so certain, I would've used a knife
maybe people would miss me, maybe I'd regret my choice
maybe despite not being heard I liked having a voice
maybe I wanted to see how it would all play out,
so I never told anyone about all of my doubts

maybe I liked to breathe
maybe life wasn't so rough
maybe I wanted to live
... and that was good enough

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