Love and Loyalty

People go around stabbing their friends in the back.
Doing dope getting high till their hearts turn black.
Love and loyalty is what this world Lacks.
Drowning in misery and evil Acts.
Where's the love? Where's the Loyalty?
Demanding to be respected like royalty.
Yet not a single spot of goodness in your heart.
Watching people cry as the world falls apart.
There once was a time when the world was humble.
When good people lifted you as you stumbled.
Now there's rape, molestation, thieves, and lies.
As the years pass the younger people die.
Dwelling I the world like monsters from hell.
There's no love there's no loyalty as you can tell.
Decieving and cheating hiding from what's real.
Letting it be known and your true colors reveal.
Lacking love, loyalty, and maybe even more.
Trying to defend yourself but get thrown to the floor.
Asking for forgiveness begging on your knees.
God can you forgive me please please please?
You are not forgiven and begin to wonder why.
It's already too late it's your turn to die.

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