Live Another Day

Standing in the sun, after all of the rain has gone
Standing where the soft wind blows, it's all you've ever known
Nothing seems to matter when we stand so far away
From every problem we might ever have, it's just another day

Go to sleep and dream it off, those things that haunt your wake
Tell them that they can't hurt you, and your soul, they can't take
Someday we will leave this place, and head so far away
Someday we will leave this place, and live another day

Patience is a virtue, but that day is drawing near
No longer waiting in the shadows, gone is all your fear
He's coming forth to bring us home, it's not that far away
He is coming for us all, so we can live another day

Just another day, live another day
Someday we will leave this place, to live another day
Stow away your problems in the pockets of tomorrow
And come join us in that journey
We will live another day

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