Live Free

To choose the life we need
Where in the end you succeed.
Is to leave in the past
The things we want. Fast,
Hurry, they say life is short
But really everyone has built their own fort
Hiding from what's beyond
The walls fall as the trumpets play a song
Cause freedom is here
But we're all stuck in fear
Too afraid to break the chain, the mold
That's swallowed us while creating a hold
That's unbreakable but why
Cause let's face it we all die
So maybe life is short after all
But the list of life can grow to be tall
If success is all were after
And smiles fade from laughter
Then are we really living at all
Or are our lives what one can call
Or just a mess.
So do we pick what we need
Or do we leave it and weed
Through life's finer things
And hear the song the trumpet sings
Cause our needs and our wants
Are one in the same. It's a mystery that taunts
Us. But who can we blame
We follow society in hope of fame
But I'm here to say
It's time to break free and get away
From the norm
The mold that has us all formed
Cause you are you And I am me
Choose your life, live free.

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