Live, Laugh, Love

Live, laugh, love, as if it was your last day here.
Make it as if it was your last day to spear.
Be good to one another and smile often.
Live life's dream, as a fairy tale, myths upon.

Live, laugh, love, like yesterdays tomorrow.
Make sure your the next one to follow.
Live laugh love as if you couldn't do it before.
Do it all like you couldn't do it anymore.

I live like it was my last day here, I love like no other before,
and laugh as much as I ever could.
Why do I act this way? All I can say is everyone should.

The theory of mind, my mind and yours,
is to sincerely approve, appreciate and value.
I cherish life and love as if I never have before.
Make sure you fly high and soar like no more.

Be beyond anyone else and do well for people in mind.
Be the one that said I did it and all and all just be kind.

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