Live Life to the Fullest

Beyond across the horizon lays the setting sun
golden and extravagant as the day is done
Peeking down awaiting for dawn to come again
breathtaking sights for a day to begin
Take your life as far as you can to a new start
you could be missing out on wonderful art
Life will have many different possibilities night and day
no matter what, its suppose to be that way
Theres emotions you'll find to be like a dream and others you dispise
later in life it will make you extraordinarally wise
Through the heartbreaks and tears
and all the worries and fears
Thinking back to when you were a child
letting your imagaination flow free and run wild
When the grass could be blue, and trees could be red
and just loving and respectful words were being said
Carrying around a safety blanket and having an imaginary friend
but now you have hate and drama, just wanting it to end
People caring and being worried if you scratched your arm
now no one cares unless they hear an alarm
When days turn to night and night into day
something new and important happens some way
So look at the sun and stars in the sky
don't ponder and wonder why
Life goes by to fast to sit and worry
Don't try to make things go in a hurry

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