Live, Love, Life

Maria was a happy girl,

She loved to run and play.

She ate what she wanted,

And skydived every day.

She donated to charity,

And was kind to animals.

Maria had many friends.

Jon Paul was a sad, sad man,

He stayed inside each day.

He ate just healthy foods,

And did homework ev'ry day.

He hoarded all his money,

And talked to none.

He was all alone.

Jon Paul was always miserable.

One day as Maria skydived,

Her Parachute went "pop".

She smacked into the earth,

At the ripe old age of fifty.

Maria loved life lots,

And she was content.

One day as Jon Paul slept,

His roof went "plop"

And Jon Paul became a root inspector.

This all happened,

When Jon was 130.

And he was miserable.

Maria was remembered,

As a plump and jolly gal.

All heaven and Earth mourned for her.

The animals cried out, anguished,

As they read her epitaph.

And even the fires of hell burned dimmer.

Jon Paul was remembered

As an ugly miserable old man.

He had no friends,

And none to mourn.

And all were glad he was dead.

-Landry Oliver

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