Live Now

Fresh off the wake up..
Touch the ground.
Be happy you're here.. though not "found"..

We spend forever trying to find who we are..
But, we are, who we are..
And shining within, is that star..

Feelings of perplexity.. Raising life's intensity.. We're who, we're meant to be..

Yes, we're changing with every turn of the world.. But we knew it circled on forever..
We might not end up where we want to be.. But where we need...
It's much more clever..

To look up at the sky and just know, we do, live forever.. Here on earth as only temporary treasures.. And to one we all owe this pleasure.. Placing a spot for our souls.. up high eternally..

And some may not see it this way..
This I know..
Took me to feel the lowest to realize how certain things go..

You've got the star shining within.. Walking with sin..
And some? Cling to their life.. Others body buried beneath the ground you walk on.. Now really.. Must I, go on?

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